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Dyad contains the source files for the Prolog interpreter that realize the pitch organization routines. contains the front end routines for a variety of alogrithms that use the Generating Dyad technique to produce frequency values to be used with addictive synthesis. These routines are written in C for MUSIC30; instruction to adapt them to c-sound are included.

Explanatory documents and manuals are also included in the zip files. Detailed explanations are in the files "using Dyad System INHNTRVL.txt" and "using Dyad System Prolog.txt." contains the prolog interpreter as distributed for free by arity prolog.

Octophonic contains the work note published in the Computer Music Journal, vol.27 n.3, the csound realization, Gabriel Maldonado's realization for csound with a real time graphic user control, and the WaveWarp (by Sounds Logical) drawing boards that implement the quad to octophonic procedures as well as some other octophonic reverbs with delay lines that allow for depth panning as well as horizontal panning.

Coming Soon: a real-time version of the Dyad System sound synthesis procedures in MAX, by Gustavo Delgado

Dyad (52 kb)

Dyad (228 kb) (706 kb)

Octophonic Panning .zip (37 kb)