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Computer Music Composer James Dashow: A conversation with Bruce Duffie
(Recipient of the ASCAP-Deems Taylor Broadcast Award)

broadcast on WNIB-FM radio (Chicago), September, 1994
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"Letter on Spatialization"
Computer Music Journal, Vol. 37 n.3, Fall, 2013, pp. 4-6

Resurrecting Archimedes:
Composer James Dashow creates an opera based on the mathematician's life

by Anne Ruderman in the Princeton Alumni Weekly Online (Oct. 24, 2007)
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Heyl, Lawrence, review, "James Dashow: 60th Birthday USA Concert Tour"
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Work Note: "Smooth Octophonic or Hexaphonic Panning from the Quadraphonic Configuration"
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Karpen, Richard. An Interview with James Dashow
Computer Music Journal, Vol. 27 n. 2 Summer 2003, pp.14-29.
Download article here (by permission of MIT Press Journals).

Attenzione alle tensioni, "Psicologia Generale - General Psychology", n.3/4 1999,
issue entitled "Comportamento e cognizione musicale - Musical Behaviour and Cognition",
pp. 145-161, Edizioni Scientifiche Ma. Gi. srl, Roma
(notwithstanding the italian title, the article is english)

"The Dyad System" (Part One)
Perspectives of New Music, vol. 37 n.1, Winter, 1999, pp. 39-76
Download article here (by permission of Perspectives of New Music)

"The Dyad System" (Parts Two and Three)
Perspectives of New Music, vol. 37 n.2, Summer, 1999, pp. 189-230
Download article here (by permission of Perspectives of New Music)

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