Fall Tour 2004 - Program for James Dashow Concert

MEDIA SURVIVAL KIT, a lyric satire in three parts for electrified voices and instruments, and electronic sounds.
text by Bruno Ballardini.
video of english translation by Cristopher Ewing

1. Nico'
2. Crema
3. Tutti Collegati

voices: Alfredo Lombardozzi, Bruno Ballardini, Claudio Bianchi, Lucia Bova, Pinotto Fava
instruments: Lucia Bova, harp; Paul Goldfield, percussion; Paola Bucan, cello; Corrado Canonici, contrabass; Barbara Lazotti, soprano; Nicholas Anagnostis, whistler.

commissioned by AudioBox of RAI Radio 3 (Italian National Radio)

Four Scenes from ARCHIMEDES, a planetarium opera

libretto by Cary Plotkin with Theodore Weiss, based
on an idea of the composer

1. Prologue, Part I - in which it all begins
Voice of the Prime Mover: Philip Kerr
computer video art by Kevin Beaulieu

2. Act I, scene ii - Young Archimedes (Mathematics I)
computer video art by Rudolfo Quintas

3. Act I, scene i - in which he grows up
computer video art by Cristopher Ewing

4. Mathematics II (from Act II, scene ii)
computer video art by Sebastian Cudicio

(for concert programming, the order of scene i and ii from Act I have been inverted)

The complete music and video of this program is soon to be released on a Capstone DVD.